Base Bikes

Stock Base Bikes - These are some of the bikes we stock and use. 

email for any inquiries.

Road  - Bike Path

Off-Road - Everywhere else

Straight 8 

Electra Straight 8 Cruiser

Ghost Rider

Electra Ghost Rider


SE Dogtown

SE Dogtown

SE Monster Quad

SE Monster Quad

Boney Finger

Electra Bony Finger Cruiser

Sugar Skull

Electra Sugar Skull Cruiser


SE BIG Ripper

SE BIG Ripper


SE Beast Mode

Fast 5

Electra Fast 5

Tiger Shark

Electra Tiger


SE So Cal Flyer

SE So Cal Flyer

SE Maniacc Flyer

SE Maniacc Flyer


Electra Hellbilly

Rockabilly Boogy Cream

Electra Rockabilly Boogy 865 Cream


SE  P.K. Ripper FAT

SE PK Ripper FAT Tire

Throne - Goon


Rockabilly Boogy Silver

Silver Rockabilly 865

Day Dreamer

Electra Daydreamer



SE BeastMode Black

SE DJ Ripper

SE Dirt Jumper DJ Ripper

Rat Fink

Rat Fink

The Mod

Electra The Mod


SE DJ Ripper HD

SE Dirt Jumper Hydro Disc DJ Ripper HD

SE Santa Cruz

SE Big Ripper Santa Cruz


Electra Lakester Cruiser


Electra Punk





Electra Rebel

Flying Sue

Electra Flying Sue