renacade: Power Chair - Towable Utility Gadget

Power Chair




Towable Utility Cart with basket and seat. All metal, 10' pneumatic wheels.

Integrated 105 Amp Hour Lithium battery, 1000 Watt Modified wave inverter, with 3 USB and two 120V outlets.


Price as configured : $ 1,150


Price range on the TUGs is $670 to $ 1,350 depending on configuration. We can spec in an AGM Battery and pure sign inverters.

The lithium battery option makes the TUG a lot lighter and easier to tow, but they're more expensive. Pure Sign inverters are "cleaner" power suitable for flatscreens and computers. These things are great to have around the house or take camping. You can pretty much run or charge almost anything you own. We have a Solar Charging kit to keep the battery full when not in use.

The more you use it the faster it pays for itself. We use them to charge all our bikes.

Sales: email us at sales@renacade.com

Questions? email us at info@renacade.com